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Through the Walls of Flesh

Through the Walls of Flesh
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RAW SWEDISH THRASH METAL IS ON THE RISE! And with the new albums from ENTRENCH and ANTICHRIST I HATE brings you the best of 2017!

Yes, the new generation of Thrashers influenced by the old & evil sound of POSSESSED/MERCILESS/SADUS have started to make their presence known! With “Through the Walls of Flesh” ENTRENCH have delivered a lethal piece of Thrash metal, sure to pierce its way straight to heart of both puritans and connoisseurs. Traditional violent sound, but with a twist of their own!

ENTRENCH started in 2005 and have delivered two full-lengths prior to “Through the Walls of Flesh” – their first deal with I HATE.

Unlike so many “heroes” of the 80s, who turned more polished with every successive release, ENTRENCH continues to push borders and refuses to succumb to any trends whatsoever. In the bands own words, the new album should be seen as “an example of pure energy and a way of channelling that humanity’s deserved doom is drawing near.”

“Through the Walls of Flesh” brings a fresh stench of decay to the Thrash world!

I HATE is a Swedish metal label releasing CD, vinyl and tape.

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Found tracks

Entrench - The Coming Storm / Dawn of War
Entrench - Enter the Fray
Entrench - Iron Coffin
Entrench - Dead End
Entrench - The Warmonger Sacrament
Entrench - White Light Precedes Black Rain
Entrench - Fragments / Shadow of Death