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Edge of the Globe

Edge of the Globe
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In 2145, scientists discovered a dimensional portal at the Edge of the Globe. Brave pioneers ventured through to reveal a fascinating city - "Edge of the Globe". An advanced civilization existed here, based on the fusion of human intelligence and technology.
In this futuristic metropolis, holographic buildings floated above living energy sources. Artificial intelligences and humans lived in symbiosis, their thoughts connected to each other. A shimmering aether supplied the city with limitless energy as hovering vehicles glided silently through the sky.
But the residents of “Edge of the Globe” were not without their challenges. Dimensional anomalies threatened stability, and the pioneers who discovered the portal became guardians of balance. In a network of science and humanity, they worked to protect the future and unlock the secrets of the dimensional portal. In this sci-fi odyssey set at the edge of the world, the next chapter of human evolution unfolded.

since 2006
dubtechno netlabel

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SB-SIX - Emerald Jungle
SB-SIX - Secrets
SB-SIX - Feline Frequencies
SB-SIX - Trespassing
SB-SIX - Morgana
SB-SIX - Sonoran Desert
SB-SIX - Absence of Time