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Temple Below - The Dark Goddess

Temple Below - The Dark Goddess
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The Temple Below the Temple within
The Temple beyond the Temple without
The Temple as Above so the Temple Below

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a special 12" MLP from TEMPLE BELOW entitled The Dark Goddess. A pan-international entity spanning South America and Europe, TEMPLE BELOW brand their music "Black Magic Metal of Death" and appropriately summon sulfurous atmosphere and bestial madness, their sound brimming with gnarling violence and in-the-red hysteria. With four years between releases, TEMPLE BELOW are not ones to rush things, and that patience to their black-magick craft pays off with The Dark Goddess: three tracks of gibbering, pulsing possession occasionally stretched to epic ends and one haunting soundscape of evil entrantment, all as it should be and in demonic harmony, altogether creating a Lovecrafting landscape of nameless horrors and eldritch energy. This is all ably backed up by rich 'n' ominous tri-fold cover art, hand-painted by Daniel Corcuera/Nekronikon. Barbaric black/death imbued with occultic power, The Dark Goddess smiles upon the devout...

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