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Awa Lebe Binu

Awa Lebe Binu
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From a forthcoming album exploring the Dogon mysteries. Awa Lebe Binu vocal & dub released on Feb 14, 2020. The dub plate is available exclusively on bandcamp.

God of purity, oldest saint
Creator of everything pure
Supreme Justice
Protect us from all evil
Father almighty, give thanks

Obatala ye babo
Ye ye oba
Obatala ye alabo, re re
O Ho Ho

King of Peace, White Cloth
Father of Humanity, Bringer of the Law
May your life be clear as the water is drawn
Symbol of peace where purity is born
Messenger to Oloti
Rule the intellect
Governing the mind
Equilibrium cosmic
King of the Ife
From you came everything next
All Orishas sent by Olodumare

Ruling the head
Keeping the peace
Maintaining balance
With the number 8 ease
Jupiter manifest
In the silver white breeze
Every single color can be found within these
Gifts of benevolence
Power and the wise
Value is the ethics
From the reason, death came life
Straight from the north
Moral conscious light
Robe is unblemished like Nazareth of Christ

For peace of mind
For peace within myself
For peace of heart
For peace my past can tell
For peace of spirit yo
For peace of home as well
Peace with my present future karma break the spell
For peace at work
For peace my family
For peace at school
Peace for those who love me
For peace with those who do not love me
Gain peace and mental clarity

I-Roots Records is a US based intl. distribution company for roots and dubwise music. It's also the home of Blackheart Warriors Records and Akashic Records.

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