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Portals And Dimensions

Portals And Dimensions
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Step into a new dimension with the unexpected and otherworldly album, Portals & Dimensions. Brace yourself for an intergalactic journey that will take you to the farthest reaches of the universe.

This album is not just a collection of music, but a portal to a sci-fi adventure. With Portals & Dimensions, you'll discover a new world filled with energy and intensity. The beats are so powerful, they'll make you feel like you're hurtling through space on a high-speed spacecraft. And the soothing sounds will transport you to a world where you can float weightlessly among the stars.

Each track on this album has its own unique story to tell, waiting for you to unravel its mysteries. So join the journey and immerse yourself in a sonic experience like no other. Get ready to explore the unknown depths of the universe and discover new dimensions with Portals & Dimensions.

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Album inspired by:

Arcane: League of Legends (Series)
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Book)
Robert Miles - Children (Music)
Native American Culture
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Book)
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said (Book)
The Man in the High Castle (Book)
The end of Yugoslavia
Vangelis - Tears in Rain (Blade Runner OST)

"Immerse yourself in the retro-futuristic soundscapes of Isidor, a boundary-pushing synthwave producer hailing from Novi Sad Serbia. With a passion for vintage synthesizers, pulsating basslines, and nostalgic melodies, Isidor transports listeners to a neon-drenched realm where the spirit of the '80s meets modern electronic innovation.

Found tracks

Isidor - Jinx
Isidor - The Ghost of Sioux
Isidor - Tune Into Space Radio
Isidor - Club at The End of The Universe
Isidor - Sonar Noir
Isidor - Kids
Isidor - Don't Stop
Isidor - Andro Anno
Isidor - Wild Dogs
Isidor - Yugoslavia
Isidor - Tears in Rain