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O.B.E. Vol.1

O.B.E. Vol.1 order the vinyl:…-e-vol-1

"Cot damn, this is fresh!!!!"
Questlove - The Roots

O.B.E. Vol. 1 is Breezy Lovejoy's / Anderson .Paak's 2012 debut release. Originally released in 2 years it was one of our favorite releases that year. We knew at some point this needed to see a vinyl release and after meeting Anderson in Berlin last weekend we knew this time had come. A classic in the making.......

Make sure to be on the lookout for Anderson's new album "Venice" dropping on the 28th of october.

All songs produced by: Breezy LoveJoy, Jose " Zeta " Rios & Duke

All songs Written & Performed by: Breezy loveJoy, Mixed by: Sam Brawner for Blue Dream Productions, Mastered by: Keith Armstrong for Mix LA

Back grounds: Jimetta Rose ( track 9) Raquel Rodriguez ( track 3 ) J. Mitchell ( track 5 ) Miss. V ( track 1 ) Kiki Kyte ( tracks 1, 4 , ) Jose Rios ( track 9 ), Bass: Kelsey Gonzalez ( tracks 1, 4, 6, ) Hadrien Feraud ( tracks 3, 8 ), Drums (live & sequenced): Breezy loveJoy, Engineered by: DJ Zo
Guitar: Jose " Zeta " rios, Horns: Emile Martinez & Jonah " FUNKY LIPS " Levine ( tracks 1, 2, 9), Keys: Vicky Nguyen ( track 4 ), Percussion: Mic Holden ( tracks 2, 8, 9 ), Synth/Effects: Duke Westlake & Dj Zo

All songs recorded at, Knocksteady studios, A&R studios, Via Gloriosa Studios ( Mt. Washitah ) and CSUDH Dungeon, Paintings by: Adam Rodriguez, Art design by: Brian Yoon

Jakarta Records is a record label from Berlin/Cologne, Germany. We release music with a passion since 2005.

Found tracks

Anderson .Paak - Departure: Bob James
Anderson .Paak - Sadie
Anderson .Paak - P.Y.P.
Anderson .Paak - Knights Of C'Bus
Anderson .Paak - Paradise
Anderson .Paak - Nightwalker feat. DFD
Anderson .Paak - MC DON (Interlude)
Anderson .Paak - E & J feat. Verbs
Anderson .Paak - Zoseph (Arrival) feat. Jimetta Jones