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The Single Jörð is perhaps some of Rasmussen’s finest club material. The elegantlcrafted beats are not only suitable for the dancefloor – they were made for it. The energetic percussion might beg us to move our feet, but it is the gentle piano melody weaving its way in between it that truly takes us on a journey. “I've always wanted to write a piano-driven club track that was made to fit perfectly for the sentimental yet crazy parts of my live set. After many attempts throughout the years, I finally think it sounds the way I imagined,” says Janus Rasmussen.

Recorded from his studio in Reykjavík, Jörð definitely draws on his experience with Kiasmos, except this time, rather than having Ólafur’s classically informed contributions, Rasmussen fills in the gaps with his own piano experimentations. The result is no less moving – both emotionally as well as physically. The first single’s name, Jörð is borrowed from the goddess of earth in Norse mythology – a tribute not only to Rasmussen’s Faroese roots, but also to Iceland, the country he has made home for the last years. The track draws on the fabled goddess’ spirit with the at once pungent force and gentle embrace of mother earth.

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Janus Rasmussen - Jörð