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Songs for Lovers

Songs for Lovers
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the cover of this record to me is representative of two lovers, and of connection, the power lines meeting so close yet not entirely in unison to each other, merely connected, with currents flowing in between them (in some sense their life force sustaining their existence, and in another sense, the real connection between them, flowing. i like to think that these songs convey the same, or at least, a similar idea, but in different ways. one being loud, incredibly grating (in the vocal sense, highly emotional) the other being quiet, timid, peaceful. in this sense they are in communication but not perfect communication, hearkening back to the cover. love is a delicate flower. and people are like power lines.

self reflection ahead:

i have a long way to go. there are countless things i want to do better, that i want to incorporate into my sound. but for now i just want to get *something* out there. this is not to say i think this music is sub-par. quite the opposite, i'm awfully proud of it in fact, it came after experimenting and toying around for far longer than i'd like to admit. it's simply that trying to make my magnum opus or some other herculean task at this stage in my development would be impossible. my only hope is that at least someone gets something out of this, short as it may be.

does this count as a holiday release? that would be funny.

written and recorded between dec. 2023 and feb 2024.

Hello, my name is Kate, this is my Bandcamp page where you can find my music. Thank you for listening.

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K-α - Bruised Knee In The Garden of Eden
K-α - Waltz For Lovers in Cmaj
K-α - Bruised Knee In The Garden of Eden (w/o vocals)