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Niklas first on the band‘s name and the current state of play:
“The word KADAVRIK doesn’t really exist. It derives from the German word “Kadavergehorsam” which means ‘blind obedience’ in English. Our present release “Bioluminescence” brings together our 2 last albums, with about 90 minutes playing time, and gives a straight and very direct overview of our recent creative work.”
Oliver Rude on the album title:
“Bioluminescence is a phenomenon in nature which causes animals to glow in the deep-sea. Transferring this to Metal, it expresses the fact that we feel we have the courage to strike out hard and deep, right to the heart of the “dark” Metal scene.”

With their fourth album GRIMM I & II, which is released on the 26th of June 2015 via newborn label Testimony Records, KadavriK settle a score with pigeonholing. The German band offers a moony and aggressive mixture of Atmospheric Black Death Metal, plunging into lesser-known narratives of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. The album will be available on vinyl and CD.

Found tracks

KadavriK - Insight:Down
KadavriK - On The Edge To Lose It All
KadavriK - Icecold Winter's Grave
KadavriK - Alive With Nothingness