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150 Gram Virgin Black Vinyl.
Limited to 200 Copies.
Includes Sticker and Download Card.

Includes unlimited streaming of Critters via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
Kajunga is proud to release unheard material from the wise and honorable Heckadecimal. “Critters” is a collection of 5 unique hardware built tracks that scurry from moody and contemplative to charged and frantic.

“Bat Silk Stunt” starts the record off with resonant acid bass lines creeping through a rich forest of analog drums. “D’etre” shifts the tone into a pool of moody progressions, dissonant sequences, and syncopated grooves. Living up to it’s namesake, “Acid Tenders” provides an exciting exploration of unbridled 303 energy. “Digital Foam” picks up the pace with frantic and squiggly textures that skitter about as a deranged synth-line takes command. “The Luminous Flesh of Giants” rounds out the journey with a 4/4 crawl through wistful melodies and iridescent chords.

(12") CAT: KAJUNGA007

A1 Bat Silk Stunt
A2 D’etre
B1 Acid Tenders
B2 Digital Foam
B3 The Luminous Flesh of GiantsMinneapolis Record Label & Party Series
Thoughtful, uncompromising dance music.

Found tracks

Heckadecimal - Bat Silk Stunt
Heckadecimal - D'etre
Heckadecimal - Acid Tenders
Heckadecimal - Digital Foam
Heckadecimal - The Luminous Flesh of Giants



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