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Fine Right Here

Fine Right Here
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'Fine Right Here,' a bonus cut from Kendra Morris's brand new LP 'I Am What I'm Waiting For' (which has received incredible support from the likes of Rolling Stone France, KCRW, WNYC, Flood Magazine, and countless others), takes a look into the deeply introverted side of Kendra. "This song is about being ok just sitting inside and missing the party," Kendra explains. "It’s the antithesis to FOMO." Written to accompany a rainy day, the song feels like you're being enveloped in a hug.

Sonically, the track tips its hat to Ethiopian Jazz and soul of the 70s, like Rose Royce and the Delfonics. The warm vibraphone, sturdy bass line, and vocal reverb create a layered tapestry of sound that wraps around your shoulders and drifts into your ears.

Co-written and produced by Torbitt Schwartz (AKA Little Shalimar) of Run the Jewels, 'Fine Right Here' is a welcome departure to the upbeat nature of 'I Am What I'm Waiting For' and truly makes the listener realize that they can, indeed, be "fine right here..."

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Kendra Morris - Fine Right Here