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LudoWic Jams (Katana ZERO)

LudoWic Jams (Katana ZERO)
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During the development of indie game Katana ZERO, a number of "LudoWic Jams" became full tracks for the Katana ZERO (Original Soundtrack). For example, Jam 5 eventually became a full track called "Disturbed Lines".

LudoWic Jams on YouTube:

Thijs Lodewijk, also known as LudoWic, is an artist and musician working in the transitional area between music and art.

Found tracks

LudoWic - Jam 5 (Disturbed Lines)
LudoWic - Jam 10 (Full Confession)
LudoWic - Jam 12 (All For Now)
LudoWic - Jam 17 (Overdose)