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Echoes Of The Subconscious

Echoes Of The Subconscious
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This EP is something that I had not planned to publish yet, I wanted to work better on the master of each track, but given the situation and the tragedies that occurred in my country, I needed new music to be able to raise funds to donate to the victims of the forest fires today. I bring this work of four songs, totally free of samples and with a unique and dark atmosphere at the same time.

As I said before, I can't give you the master that I would have liked to give to each track, so in the future I will see if I do a remaster and make them sound even better than they do, since the current master was made without my studio monitors, audio interface and good headphones. I just relied on the knowledge I have and an equalizer that would allow me to see the frequencies accurately.

I hope you enjoy it and continue flowing with the music.

Here I upload music that I normally do at 4 A.M.

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The content uploaded to this Bandcamp is mostly copyrighted content. Someone is uploading this content to digital platforms without my permission, any questions contact me.

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Mabisyo - Change Of Environment
Mabisyo - Cognitive Disorder
Mabisyo - Dreams Under The Pillow