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One Moon Appears Everywhere

One Moon Appears Everywhere
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These three very different tracks have a common thread.
Each comes with it's own 1280 x 1280px original artwork.
Printable sleeve notes & track artwork in Word format are also included in your download.

Any contribution is GREATLY appreciated and will help towards the creation of further musical works.

One moon appears everywhere in all bodies of water; the moons in all bodies of water are contained in one moon.
This is a metaphor for one mind producing myriad things and myriad things producing one mind. This refers to dream illusions, flowers in the sky, half seeming, half empty.
What if drifting clouds cover the sky; where is the clear light in the waters?
Here, if you open up the eye of true insight, you will see that the moon has never not been there, the light has never disappeared – light and dark are as one, death and life have no separation.


Electronic, ambient, deep, dub techno, field recording, soundscapes.

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Mark Ward - One Moon Appears Everywhere
Mark Ward - A Glitch in the Matrix
Mark Ward - Contentment