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Lily Three (electric)

Lily Three (electric)
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Spring is on the way, bringing the vital warmth with it. We're gearing up to release music from both the past and the future and are in the early stages of booking new shows.

For now, here's an upbeat version of Lily Three. This hi-res download is free if you choose it to be. As long as you're listening, we'll keep rocking, softly or otherwise. Yes!

(The first drum beat is my palm on an acoustic guitar. It was hot and my hand was sticking to the wood. If you listen closely, you can hear it in the smack.)

From the band’s beginnings in Philadelphia, to their current home in the heart of the Hudson Valley, through 13 albums (among them Emblems, Several Arrows Later, The Dark Leaves, The State of Gold, and, most recently, the luminous The Natural Lines), Matt Pond PA has always been a living, breathing organism—one that’s constantly changing.

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matt pond PA - Lily Three (electric)