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Fly Like AOC

Fly Like AOC
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I overdid it i was in the zone (4x). I keep it fly like A to Z, I keep it fly like AOC. Follow the leader like playground teens and if you still need a leader then come see me. My music hits like tv themes, murder she route in my high school dreams. Hand held portals for mortals to fiend, this beat hurts necks like staring at screens it's mean. I overdid it I was in the zone (4x). What happens if at the end of my lifetime, my lifeline looks like I lived life fine. Made up my mind just to change it again. Shift my residential like a fly in the wind. If it's not around. make it, if it's a gift, take it, back stiff, shake it, if it's true, don't fake it, if it's too tight break it. Hell stay naked. I overdid It was in the zone (4x)


Miles Bonny continues his 2019 new music onslaught with this fun hip hop track featuring not only his beat and vocals, but a horn line influenced by #BAM bebop.

New Music for Old Souls. Musician based in Taos, New Mexico. Born in NYC.

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MILES BONNY - Fly Like AOC (Instrumental)