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Music to Mood Boards By

Music to Mood Boards By
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It is a period of cubicle captivity. Tons of presentations vanished in space and time with fruitless efforts to restore the Great Coffee Break.
And then there came Officewave.

“Music To Mood Boards By’ by Dopes Ov Air is a white-collar dream caused by the flowchart diversion a second before awakening.

Every mouse has a wheel.
This is an advice from your personal desk jockey.
Take this word of wisdom and scroll more.
Scroll further.
Explore this album.
Superprinter glad you scanned it!

All songs by Tricky Shaman
Artwork by Blind Carbon Copy
Tapes by Midwest Collective

With love from Kyiv to Portland, Oregon where the heart is.

some introspection required.

Found tracks

Dopes Ov Air - Summer Evening
Dopes Ov Air - Nice To Know It
Dopes Ov Air - Tricky Cherry Cola
Dopes Ov Air - La Vie En Rose
Dopes Ov Air - Le Son De La Sérénité
Dopes Ov Air - Edelweiss
Dopes Ov Air - SOUL
Dopes Ov Air - Rainy Season
Dopes Ov Air - 酒と雨の夜