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Chimet is a meteorological and sea state algorithmic sonification project.

Chichester West Pole Beacon, also known as Chimet, is a comprehensive weather information system recording conditions in Hayling Bay, West Sussex, both in real-time and historically. Located at 50° 45'.45 N, 00° 56'.59 W, approximately one mile from the entrance to Chichester Harbour, the instrumentation on Chimet records data including air and water temperature; barometric pressure; wind speed and direction; water depth; wave height, period and frequency; and time of day.

Over a period of seven days in October 2017, the devastating Atlantic Hurricane Ophelia fed straight into another weather event, known as Storm Brian in the UK. MINING mapped the data from this storm onto various musical values and parameters, including harmonic range, pitch, density and volume - resulting in a continuous piece of electronic sound design that directly traces the contours of the two storm systems. After several iterations, improvised instrumental performances were added on piano, cello and synthesiser.

The original 2,016 lines of source data streams (collected every five minutes between 0030 on October 16th 2017 and 0025 on the 23rd) have also been visualised in the album artwork, with each of the 504 LP sleeves possessing a unique vertical visualisation strip and individual timestamp, corresponding to a 20-minute period of the storm sequence.

In making Chimet, MINING approached both the data and its musical results as a locus of synergy, allowing their respective passions for sailing, weather, sea, sound design and improvisation to intersect and manifest in a singular musical statement.

50º 45'.45 N, 00º 56'.59 W : Musicians. Meteorology. Seas. Harbours. Rivers. Data. Ontologies. Taxonomies.
Schemas. APIs. Algorithms. Sonification.

Found tracks

MINING - Ophelia
MINING - Petrichor
MINING - Latent
MINING - Chimet 50º 45’.45 N, 00º 56'.59 W
MINING - Arise
MINING - Force 10 Pts. 1 & 2
MINING - Debris