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Treat U Good

Treat U Good
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Moods assembles a powerhouse brigade of all-star performers on his new single, Treat U Good.

The Rotterdam-based beat smith extraordinaire invites Noah Slee, Meron & Lyriya, and prepares the stage for a fully-fledged Funk, Soul & RnB masterclass.

Hard on the heels of his soulful, jazz-inspired live recorded album—Music Ruined My Life—Treat U Good is a definite return to form for the notorious Dutchman.

We’re greeted by shiny piano chords, which in turn get lifted by exuberant synth swirls, only to dive headfirst into Moods’ ever-evolving signature bounce; this one’s particularly skippy and hella groovy. A broken-beat feel, reminiscent of icons such as Jazzanova and 4hero, brought into the current era. To his banquet of carefully, but always effortlessly, selected chops and bounces we hear wah’d out funk chops trading places with smooth horns. All whilst a particularly bouncy bass slap keeps us firmly in our place.

Lyrically, Treat U Good discusses the idea of taking one’s time and making sure the relationship is off to a good start. All three the Berlin-based vocalists have their own knack for contemporary RnB and Soul. Coming together as a powerful, make-shift vocal ensemble on Treat U Good, we clearly hear each artist nestling their own special spot in the hook, whilst uniquely shining through on other key moments of the song. With all the vocal guests radiating in peak form, they trade places and dance around the steamy instrumental. Thusly, lifting this new single off into the direction of a stunning late-summer anthem.

The whole performance shows us once again, why Moods is on top of his game with no signs of slowing down.

Moods - Treat U Good (Feat. Noah Slee, Meron & Lyriya) will be released via all streaming and download platforms on August 26.

Music ruined my life.

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Moods, Noah Slee, Lyriya, Meron - Treat U Good