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Heimdallr was the god who stood in the bifrost and possesed the horn Gjallarhorn , he possessed keen eyesight and hearing .
Gjallarhorn will be blowed in the twilight of the gods or Ragnarok, and then will be the beginning of the end.
This composition has two different parts , an epic one about Heimdal it self, and the second one its about Ragnarok but not about the war , the vibe express a new beginning.

The amazing artwork is from Valhyr , you can follow him here:

Who i am?

Munknörr is a project of Shamanic, Nordic and Celtic music.
In our compositions we seek for a pagan sound with a dark and mystic vibe,trying to get closer to a natural primitive sound.
Join the journey to ancient times!!

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Munknörr - Heimdallr