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Vinyl release : 200 copies No Repress

Music by DMX KREW
Mastering by Ed Upton
Artwork by Guy Warley

Third episode of whispers of an ancient world.
In these new interludes, the artist DMX KREW realizes his personal vision of the well-known story by Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel. Borges takes as a starting point to explain the universe two realities that are essential for the world of libraries: the library, as a physical space, as a continent, which also contains the greatest wealth that can be conceived as it is the compendium and sum of everything. human knowledge and understanding. But this place, this library is not a silent, uninhabited, inert space, but rather something alive, full of activity, guarded by librarians and used by all men, in turn librarians in search of giving meaning to their nature, to what that surrounds him, to the past, present and future of humanity. And here we have the other reality: librarians. Borges interprets that each man is a librarian, someone who inhabits and explores the infinite hexagons of the Library, in search of his particular interpretation of the world. Although it also establishes the figure of the librarian as custodian of books, of knowledge, as an interpreter who knows how to decipher all the mysteries that the Library contains inside, an official who has unraveled the content of the infinite Library that requires subjects who know how to keep it. and at the same time help men, all of them librarians, to find meaning in everything.

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Journey before Destination.

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