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Nick Walters returns to his D.O.T. imprint with a limited edition 10", featuring a selection of two ragas recorded in collaboration with the Pakistani musicians Kashif Ali Dhani (tabla) and Muzamil Hussain (sarod). This 10" is the forerunner for a full album due for release on D.O.T. in early 2023, which features tracks born out of a trip to India in 2019.

During a month long trip backpacking around India, Walters started piecing together a new album, taking inspiration from the sights, sounds, food and culture. He also took a digital recorder with him, recording samples whilst on the road that he could use for the album. The two tracks on this record feature some of those samples and are an exploration of ragas - the North Indian classical music he encountered on his trip. Of course, the exploration of Hindustani Classical music is a well trodden path for many great musicians, led in the 60's and 70's by jazz heroes such as John Coltrane and Don Cherry, and more recently Walters' long time collaborator and friend Tenderlonious. Both tracks on this limited edition 10" focus on traditional ragas and feature Jaubi band member and tabla master Kashif Ali Dhani, and Muzamil Hussain on sarod.

'Ranakpur' is a raga using the mode of Raag Charukeshi, a scale referred to in western music theory as the aeolian dominant. It is said to incite feelings of pathos and devotion in the listener, and inspiration for this recording was drawn from visiting the ornately carved Jain temple at Ranakpur in Rajasthan, India.

'Raga for Don' is a tribute to Don Cherry, and uses the same mode (Raag Malkauns) which he explores on his track 'Malkauns' from the classic album 'Brown Rice'. The notes of this raga correspond to the western pentatonic scale, and are said to have a soothing and intoxicating effect.

This special 10" vinyl is limited to 150 copies and features a piece of unique screen printed artwork by Lorna Robertson. Each copy will be hand numbered, stamped and signed by Nick.

Thank you for supporting independent music - the new album 'Padmāsana' will be coming soon. These two ragas will not be on the upcoming LP, so on vinyl are only available on this 10".

London based trumpet player + composer

Paradox Ensemble / Ruby Rushton / Riot Jazz Brass Band / Beats & Pieces Big Band / Afrospot Allstars

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Nick Walters - Ranakpur
Nick Walters - Raga for Don