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Seventeen Seconds

Seventeen Seconds
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Night School is proud and excited to team up with Frankie Rose to reissue her much loved interpretation of The Cure’s masterpiece Seventeen Seconds for Record Store Day 2021 July 17th - Drop 2. Pressed on Dark Red Transparent Vinyl with new, artist approved artwork, Frankie Rose’s Seventeen Seconds is the art of the cover album done right.

"Since I already think it's a perfect record, I tried not to reinterpret too much and stick to similar sounds as the
original, but with a twist.”

Frankie Rose has forged an enviable musical legacy, from playing with bands like Crystal Stilts and The Vivian
Girls during the heyday of the late 00s Brooklyn indie scene to releasing influential solo albums like "Interstellar"
and "Cage Tropical." Synthesizing wide-ranging influences, she's crafted a very distinctive and original musical
voice that echoes some of the best post-punk, new wave and 80s pop while still sounding totally fresh. It was in this
spirit that Rose covered The Cure's classic second album in its entirety. Produced with Jorge Elbrecht behind the
desk, Rose’s interpretation updates the album’s palette while sticking to fairly rigidly to The Cure’s original. This is a
fan’s homage, a spin on a trusted classic that maintains the mood while injecting new resonances, particularly in
Frankie Rose’s vocal.

Musically, Rose has very much kept the faith, with A Reflection’s gothic, synth harpsichord introduction creeping in
like in a horror film murder scene before the first vocal track Play For Today introduces Rose’s distinctive voice.
While the most well known songs on the album might be A Forest and the eponymous title track, Rose’s
interpretation of this track sounds like the big post punk chart hit it should have been, sweeping synth strings and
wistful atmospherics married to the incessant beat dynamics. Rose’s vocal delivery is just primed to hook.

Here Frankie Rose offers the listener new ways to experience one of the founding stones of the post-punk era.

Together or not at all.

Glasgow-based independent.

Found tracks

Frankie Rose - A Reflection
Frankie Rose - Play For Today
Frankie Rose - Secrets
Frankie Rose - In Your House
Frankie Rose - Three
Frankie Rose - The Final Sound
Frankie Rose - A Forest
Frankie Rose - M
Frankie Rose - At Night
Frankie Rose - Seventeen Seconds