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Dhol Tasha Drum Exercises from Maharashtra

Dhol Tasha Drum Exercises from Maharashtra
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Boomkat Product Review:

Heavy-duty Indian soundsystem carnage by its leading proponent DJ Smiley Bobby, on Uganda’s immense NNT - unmissable for anyone wowed by recent videos of Indian sound clashes, priming the label for incoming heat by DJ TSR.

A proper mazza from Maharashtra State in Western India, DJ Smiley Bobby’s ‘Dhol Tasha Drum Exercises’ presents nearly an hour of up-to-the-second, electronic re-interpretations of ceremonial drums. It’s a full-frontal example of the rave energies in BRIC countries currently catching fire internationally, paralleling innovative mutations of Baile funk in Brazil or from the Svbkvlt lot in China with a ruthlessly rough brand of dancefloor discipline that sharply bends tradition into the hot present. Yr ears will not deceive you - DJ Smiley Bobby’s gear is frankly some of the sickest we’ve heard in a minute and we expect this introduction to be prized by any ravers unsatisfied with Western club music’s increasing tendencies to imitate-not-innovate.

First formed by the late Shri Appasaheb Pendse in the ‘60s, Dhol Tasha Drum exercises were originally performed on a sort of acoustic kettle drum but became electronically adapted in recent years thanks to the likes of DJ Smiley Bobby and peers including DJ Aasif, DJ Ammy, and DJ TSR, the latter of whom is due to drop an album with NNT this year. DJ Smiley Bobby’s introductory session finds the sound at its stripped down and breathless best with a ceaseless battery of drums and percussive madness that truly puts willing bodies thru their paces as the mixtape steps from side A’s 90-110bpm workout to its 150bpm ‘Hard Drum Sound System’ on the flip.

Also kinda mirroring the way DJ Plead has flipped Arabic drum styles, how Bilou XIV have transposed Senegalese mbalax drum patterns onto machine grids, or DJ Diaki’s Malian balani knee-ups, we’re certain this one will light up the pleasure centres of proper dancers everywhere, and dovetail with the sort of thing Beatrice Dillon makes, or anyone who’s been scouting zones where Indian bhangra and UK rave music bump fists, a la Mick St. Clair’s remixes of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.


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DJ SMILEY BOBBY - Drum Exercise For Sound System (90-110 bpm mix)
DJ SMILEY BOBBY - Hard Drum Sound System (150 bpm mix)