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The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen
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The horns of the Rapture engulf the world in sound, beckoning the harbingers.
Upon the horizon they stand… Death, War, Famine, & Conquest. The Four Horsemen.
Together they are to set to cause a divine apocalypse upon the world.
The Last Judgment…


Continuing down the darksynth path; this 4 track EP is yet another combo of religious iconography, apocalyptic themes and sinister sounding synths!

Death – A hard hitting demonic blend of synthesizers and orchestral instruments.
War – Fast paced, destructive and dangerous. This track oozes energy from every pore.
Famine – Dirty, filth ridden syths pave the way as the song builds tension, growing like a parasite.
Conquest – Contemplative yet powerful. Thematically symbolizing held-back aggression and control.


A huge thanks to everyone who has been supportive of the music I’ve produced so far!
Please share the EP if you like what you hear and stay tuned for more!

I am...
Synthwave & Dark-Synth artist.

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Found tracks

Occams Laser - Death
Occams Laser - War
Occams Laser - Famine
Occams Laser - Conquest