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Speak Onion’s latest EP, Dead, wields a new and enhanced form of the project’s signature drum’n’noise style. It reflects life in a time of global crisis (virus, environmental collapse, etc.), acknowledging the ugliness while exalting the underlying beauty. Wild celebratory rhythms wind through mournful atmospheres, ornamented in turns by melodic flourishes and harsh textures. Voices from Black Saturn and David B. Applegate present organic elements contrasting technoid bass slabs and mechanized drum patterns. Terrifying chaos and acute pleasure inundate the listener in cascading waves over 33 minutes, making clear that Speak Onion was only ever really appropriate for one kind of party: a party at the end of the world. 

all artist proceeds to
Hungry Monk Foodbank

Established 1999
All creations represent the exact intent of the artist

Found tracks

Speak Onion - They See Around Corners
Speak Onion - Eye Contact at the End
Speak Onion - Mouth (featuring Black Saturn)
Speak Onion - Being Dead
Speak Onion - Scratch Out The Mirror (featuring David B. Applegate)