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Where the Universe Ends

Where the Universe Ends
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The sun disappears and the clouds show me the way back to the ground; The plain is in place, but the snow and cold have disappeared and only the flat endless land can be seen. It is at this moment that lowliness becomes an attribute of the earth, because instead of thinking about the dead soil, one should look at the sky, which has borrowed its blue color from the whiteness of the dirt of the Milky Way, and it is strange that it is neither white, dirt nor Milky ; It's just nothing.
I am trapped in emptiness as the world that i know, or i think i know, and the world beyond what i know becomes infinite and more infinite; To be absurd in this way is The most absurd form of being "not to be", and strangely enough, even this thought is superior to the idea of saying: (being, in condition of acceptance; existing in the world); Even if this is the case, then why should the concept of being be based on the desire to ask?
Doesn't the soil ask what it is?
Is not a rock, like a flowing stream, on an endless journey?
So what to look for in this arena where each component is a reflection of itself in a smaller world?
My Questions Summarize Infinity to a Simple Reflection of a Naked Mirror shaped question facing a dead mirror shaped question, and how simple it can be.
It isn’t that difficult to express yourself in a question that doesn’t belong to you, nor could belong to you; Only in all this endless ambiguity and smoothness of the plain, where even the moonlight cannot shine, a small scorpion appears on my hand, staring into my eyes and leading the way to my neck, sinking its small poisonous sting under the parietal bone. It is as if the sting is splitting through bone and the poison reaches my brain directly.
I do not feel pain, I do not feel hurt, it is as if the poison is shared and the illusion is the same.

We Are the PerfectParadox.
we translate the deepest feelings into music language.

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Perfect Paradox - Where the Universe Ends