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Some of you may remember but back sometime in the 2015 I was contacted by the animation branch of Dreamworks Studios. The day I woke up and saw an email from Dreamworks Studios I couldn't believe my eyes, I thought maybe it might be a spam message or something. It was just so sudden and random to get such an email. I tried to keep my excitement contained. But the email was real, the contacts within that email were real, and it turns out one of the producers had heard Protector 101 and has been a fan for sometime! What they were looking for were composers to score the reboot cartoon of Voltron and asked if I'd be interested in trying out for it. Of course I said yes!

What they needed from me (and each person they were trying out) was a music reel. Something to show off what I was capable of doing musically... Soundscapes, action scenes, comedy, dark and light scenes... the whole gamut. I had to make at least 3 original tracks within just 4 days! At the time work was very busy as well as normal everyday life events so to get this material done within just a few days was stressful to say the least. I managed to come up with 6 original tracks but, instead instead of just 6 separate tracks for them I thought I'd do something I enjoy doing and make them all tie together to make one continuous story (much like Hunter's Journey or Wastelands) Hopefully this little move would have me stand out from the bunch, I thought to myself.

I don't know if it was that little move or just my music (or both) they liked but it got me in and next thing I know I'm signing NDA's and watching animated still frame scenes of the newest unreleased Voltron cartoon. Mind blown... They had me work on 3 scenes that dealt with mystery, comedy, and action. Later on they wanted me to write a theme for Voltron. These tracks I added in as bonus tracks. The action sequence they wanted to me to do two versions. A P101 style (80's synth) version and an "epic" orchestral version. Being that I've never worked with any orchestral composition and had to learn how to use new software this was quite a task!

In the end it was between me and one other person. It was close but I unfortunately was not picked for the job. But I like to share with you the material I came up within that crazy, stressful, yet exciting and fun time of my life. It was a great experience that I'll always cherish and never forget. So please sit back and listen to the sounds of what could have been if Protector 101 scored the Voltron series.


A robot designed to protect but gone haywire in a mass slaughter of helpless humans.

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Protector 101 - The City
Protector 101 - Secret Lair
Protector 101 - Battle
Protector 101 - Hold On...
Protector 101 - End Credits
Protector 101 - Dancing Robot Theme
Protector 101 - Lost Theme (BONUS TRACK)
Protector 101 - Lost Scene 1 (BONUS TRACK)
Protector 101 - Lost Scene 2 (BONUS TRACK)
Protector 101 - Lost Scene 3 (BONUS TRACK)
Protector 101 - Lost Scene 3 [Alternate Mix] (BONUS TRACK)