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Home dubbed tape with printed J Card.
(Thanks to Richard in Germany for asking!)
These will take a little longer to ship as I need to print some labels.

Includes unlimited streaming of PLK1 via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
Number 1 in a series of home dubbed C45 bootleg tapes.

Experimental in nature, created for the curious and non-audiophiles everywhere. The series will include demos, jams, field recordings, live recordings, experiments and other anomalies which wouldn't normally be considered for a Pulselovers release 'proper'.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Some of these pieces may get worked into something else at a later date. Most will definitely not.

Side 1:
30th June 1pm / 19th March 6am / 1st May 1pm*
*with John Alexander.

Side 2:
7th May 11pm / 17th September 5pm / 21st September 11pm

Pulsliebkassetten1 includes studio jams recorded between March and September 2022. The majority of the pieces are just me trying to understand the basic modular system I've started putting together.

Some tracks previously appeared under the title 'Oblivious' on Bandcamp. That album has been deleted, but if you paid for 'Oblivious' and now find it's missing from your library, just let me know and you can have a copy of this instead.


Northern Minimalism from the heart of South Yorkshire. Inspired by memory and location.

Releases on Castles in Space, SubExotic, DIT, Misophonia, Polytechnic Youth, Russian Library and Sensory Leakage.

Also runs Woodford Halse.

Found tracks

Pulsliebhaber - 30th June 1pm
Pulsliebhaber - 19th March 6am
Pulsliebhaber - 1st May 1pm
Pulsliebhaber - 7th May 11pm
Pulsliebhaber - 17th September 5pm
Pulsliebhaber - 21st September 11pm