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Verrine - Sovereign the Blasphemous

Verrine - Sovereign the Blasphemous
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Verrine - Sovereign the Blasphemous


01. Embedding the Darkness Seed 05:55
02. Sovereign the Blasphemous 05:32
03. Malignant the Magic Rage 05:16
04. Infernal Benediction 05:09
05. Resurrection of the Doomed 05:55
06. Preaching the Burning Bible 06:03
07. Heathen the Proclamation 05:47
08. Welcome Your Wickedness 05:52
09. Give Into Temptation 03:44

Total Running time 00:49:17

You want complex song structures and a dynamic, fast, heavy, raw, warm and breathing production for the purpose this record was heading for. This is exactly what this record had to avoid by all means. The sound had to be cold, sterile, massive and destructive! And I find the production not muddy at all, in my opinion it’s still very detailed considering the compression. The sheer epic brutality of it all, and the mind numbing speed. This is a new kind of Rough black metal - I don't see this style really claiming any antecedents. and The drums keep the intensity up to a maximum at all times with the only breaks coming in the form of more samples of explosions and gunfire. This is 666 % Fucking blastbeats... pretty much these guys have decided that the way to gain truth and brutality is to play as fast as is humanly possible, throwing all riffs out the window!

LEVIATHE, adalah mastermind dibalik agresifitas tak tertahankan VERRINE, meski hanya seorang diri menjabani multilayer musikal sejak 2016 silam. dari Ide awalnya ingin merepresentasikan kegelapan menjadi semakin hidup dengan gempuran tempo musik super cepat, dipercaya akibat bisikan ghaib nan jahat menjadi perpaduan dan gesekan magis antara Musikal Infernal War, Marduk, Azarath, Ravensblood, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Tsjuder juga Setherial yang difermentasikan dalam konsep yang lebih barbar dan biadab ! " Terrorfront " menjadi ide awal sebuah ledakan diotak jahat LEVIATHE, gempuran masih Infernal War memang No Compromise!, I was just in the mood for some hyper fast, angry, vengeful black metal. And that is exactly what Infernal War are. The riffs cut, butcher and grind, the drums sound like a goddamn tank rolling around in your head, the bass rumbles the ground, and the vocals are harsh and full angry! lalu Cengkeraman Marduk era " Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered " adalah Pasal 2 kekejamannya, Pasal kekejaman ke-3 Azarath era " Infernal Blasting ", what also helps to capture that straight forward and relentless energy with obscure, evil atmosphere. You may moan that some riffs are unreadable - but come on, this is harsh sounding, brutal death metal! If you want something nice in death metal, go and listen to fuckin Kata-wimps-klysm. Aliran darah hitam penuh penghujatan " From the Tumulus Depths " era Ravensblood, are The same being that mind bending speed injection that crushes you like a battering ram in battle and the completely different being that diversity within each song that makes every one of them instantly recognizable ! lalu crafted, intense and fairly fast melodic black metal ala Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult dan gila-nya Tsjuder juga Setherial adalah formula pelengkap lahir utuh-nya eksistensi VERRINE menuju penggarapan album pertama " Glorious the Misanthropy " tahun 2020 adalah sebagai pembuktiannya. ga pake Promo, EP, Demo atau apalah, langsung gas Full album no Compromise ! 30 Minutes considered a definitive Faster than faster black metal and for good reason. The atmosphere and rawness of this musical is horrified recognizable. Indeed, most of the Second Wave probably falls under that description, but VERRINE were highbrow by fast and contrast.

Setelah memperkenalkan single terbaru " Embedding the Darkness Seed " dalam kompilasi " The Dark of the Nameless Chapter. II " Besutan Reprisal Promotions tahun 2023, Salah satu Unit Black Metal ngebut dan membabi buta, VERRINE sedang mempersiapkan debut full album ke-5 nya bertajuk " Sovereign the Blasphemous " yang akan rilis sekitar akhir tahun 2023 atau awal 2024, yang pada saat ini masih proses penggodok'an ketat 9 track paling brutal dan terbarunya seperti : " Welcome Your Wickedness ", " Resurrection of the Doomed ", " Sovereign the Blasphemous ", " Give Into Temptation ", " Malignant the Magic Rage ", " Infernal Benediction ", " Heathen the Proclamation " dan " Preaching the Burning Bible ". sekedar menjadi bocoran saja jika materi terbaru ini memiliki kekuatan super jahat dengan beat yang meledak ledak keras dan cepat, sound guitar yang low dan pattern vokal yang semakin powerfully. keep brought about the rabid Barbaric aggression of fast black metal, but with it a regal sophistication that seems years beyond the capability destruction world of war disorder ! outstretched their practical reach here. The result is an atmospheric, dense album where some of the mystique lies in the fact you know the mix has robbed you of hearing everything in it's full glory.

Official band Information

Reprisal Promotions Small Independent Promotion (--NOT LABEL/RECORDS !!!--) from Blitar city, East Java, Indonesia. this is subwork me beside my mediazine, LOSTINCHAOS. I'm missing for some extreme metal sounding 90's to bringback again now. Reprisal Promotions as Published work my side project. Welcome to different you thinking

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Reprisal Promotions - Embedding the Darkness Seed
Reprisal Promotions - Sovereign the Blasphemous
Reprisal Promotions - Malignant the Magic Rage
Reprisal Promotions - Infernal Benediction
Reprisal Promotions - Resurrection of the Doomed
Reprisal Promotions - Preaching the Burning Bible
Reprisal Promotions - Heathen the Proclamation
Reprisal Promotions - Welcome Your Wickedness
Reprisal Promotions - Give Into Temptation