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Oden & Fatzo - Toboggan EP

Oden & Fatzo - Toboggan EP
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After flying away on their intergalactic journey with no return, our three friends came across a wormhole in the depths of the solar system.
In prey to madness, hunger and thirst, they decided to throw themselves into it.
They appeared in another galaxy and crashed on a planet of unknown technology.
Welcomed by space guards, they had no choice but to rob them with their synthesizers. HERE IS THEIR STORY.

Sake Records is a french electronic label founded in 2019 by Oden & Fatzo. The label follows the story of three companions during their journey through the galaxy.

Found tracks

Oden & Fatzo - Oden & Fatzo - Intro
Oden & Fatzo - Oden & Fatzo - Toboggan
Oden & Fatzo - Oden & Fatzo - Retro Drive
Oden & Fatzo - Oden & Fatzo - Blue Sun Hours
Oden & Fatzo - Oden & Fatzo - Sad Donkey