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Sam Prekop

Sam Prekop
Packaged in stunning original artwork, with a fully artworked inner sleeve and download card.

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Sam Prekop’s eponymously titled LP is a study in pop nuances. Simultaneously transporting the listener from mild climes and swinging palms to darkened skies and wind blown steppes, the record will be easily recognized by fans of The Sea and Cake. Known to many as the singer and main songwriter for said group, Mr. Prekop is assisted on this release by Chad Taylor (Chicago Underground Duo), Josh Abrams (ex-Roots, Town and Country), Jim O’Rourke (Gastr del Sol) and Archer Prewitt (The Sea and Cake).

Those expecting to find more of the computer beats and trickery found on The Fawn and Two Gentlemen are in for a surprise. Whilst prevalent on "Faces and People" - (a lucious groove overlayed by cornet and guitar), the computer takes a back seat to real strings, drums, piano, electric piano and organ as well as electric and acoustic bass. The subtle grooves, a trademark of The Sea and Cake records, are still present here as Sam and his band blend West African rhythms with a bit of soul, jazz and pop. The resulting record is something wholly original, elegant and earthy. A cauldren, if you will, of sweet smelling and enlightening stew. So line up, grab a spoon, and dig in. All the ingredients and intoxicating aromas necessary for an auditory feast are contained within.

Personnel for the record:
Sam Prekop vocals, guitar, piano
Chad Taylor percussion
Josh Abrams bass, piano
Archer Prewitt guitar, piano
Jim O’Rourke organ, backing vocals, guitar, bass
Julie Pomerleau- violin, viola
Rob Mazurek- cornet
John McEntire- triangle, maracas

Found tracks

Sam Prekop - Showrooms
Sam Prekop - The Company
Sam Prekop - Practice Twice
Sam Prekop - A Cloud to the Back
Sam Prekop - Don't Bother
Sam Prekop - Faces and People
Sam Prekop - On Such Favors
Sam Prekop - The Shadow
Sam Prekop - Smaller Rivers
Sam Prekop - So Shy