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Dub Nation [GRSCLM026]

Dub Nation [GRSCLM026]
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Mood Series #26 is here with 'Dub Nation' which is produced by the artist Natur. The EP explores 3 different versions to the title. All slow churners with heavy focus on expansive and genre defining chord sounds. Part 1 gently strides along with light and airy streams of dubby goodness. A perfect set opener that is highly accessible but still heady and hypnotizing. Part 2 will stop you in your tracks! Impressively immense chords will rival elite legends in this style like a Convextion. Part 3 extends the length a bit and takes it even deeper! A unique beat pattern pulsing with smooth deep bass notes. This has ability to be an instant classic! The entire Dub Nation needs to check these out!

Home for Greyscale & Redscale labels. Launched in 2012 by Lithuanian producer and DJ grad_u, and photographer Rima
Prusakova, set up as a platform for material from grad_u and close friends.

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Natur - Dub Nation 1
Natur - Dub Nation 2
Natur - Dub Nation 3