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Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty
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Nitty Gritty ★ OUT NOW ★ >>>

Scour Records is proud to welcome the musical stylings of Crash Party to the label. Two heavy hitting up and coming UK producers that have torn the party apart with their rough neck debut Scour release. We can certainly see/hear how these guys landed their name! Crash Party invoke a strong stepping swagger throughout this package, that’s got our heads bumping harder than the corner of a Tesco Clubcard at a high end strip joint.

Along with these two party crashers, they’ve invited their scally mates along on the remix duties. From the Boom Bap stylings of Second Hand Audio; Ghetto Breaks from the man known as Dave RMX; the Ragga Dancehall styling brought by the collab of Leygo & Toy Beats; aaand a belting beast of a Jungle roller from DJ BiNGe! There’s even a cheeky VIP Junglist Mix - exclusively for our promo listers, and for those who Juno.

If you wanted a quiet night in you’ve got another thing coming! This release hath well and truly smashed the soiree! Ladies and Gents we proudly present to you Crash Party - 'Nitty Gritty'.

Crash Party

Scour Records
Juno Download:

Artwork by DRDesign:
Promo blurb by Extra Medium:
Mastering by Dave RMX: digital label showcasing, and officially releasing, the creamiest of the crop of Spinforth's Scours.

Found tracks

Crash Party - Nitty Gritty (Original)
Crash Party - Nitty Gritty (Second Hand Audio Remix)
Crash Party - Nitty Gritty (Dave RMX 110 Remix)
Crash Party - Nitty Gritty (Leygo & Toy Beats Remix)
Crash Party - Nitty Gritty (DJ BiNGe Remix)
Crash Party - Nitty Gritty (VIP Junglist Mix)



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