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Mis Soldados

Mis Soldados
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There is something going on in Mexico. Bro. IDK what these dudes are eating over there, but can I have some too haha? I admit, after Matias send me this EP it left me a bit teary eyed on how good this motherfucker pulled this off. I had this playing ever since he sent it. So before anything lets have a minute for Matias!

*queue 1 man slow clap*

It's as if he went on a quest, a motherfucking worldwide Moombah rampage while you at it, just to gather the necessary experience points to wield the tools to make this shit right here. This is a Moombahton exhibition on what the genre is all about. This ain't none of that fastfood Moombah, nah fuck that. This is that slowcooked, homegrown, organic, non-gmo, Moombahton.

Mixing Latin elements with Hardcore, Skullstep, Moombahcore and some of that OG Russian shit, he's setting the standard in the new and giving shoutouts to the old.

Oh and you thought that was it? NAH. He even got backup in the likes of Gualtiero, Godwonder and Purofuego to make this fatality of an EP happen. Yes I said it, you might OD on this. #hectorlaugh

I guess he already warned you tho. Plug this motherfucker in and get that '19 Moombah fix!



Found tracks

Matias - Mamacita Anthem
Matias - Mis Soldados
Matias - Pum Pum Tai (ft Gualtiero & Godwonder)
Matias - Fight (ft Purofuego)