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Land of Mystery

Land of Mystery
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Release Date: December 6, 2011
Italy gave birth to the genres of Horror Movies and Horror Metal. If BLACK SABBATH and GOBLIN gave birth to a band, this band would be it. This is a very raw/flawed recording, very atmospheric with its 70's style synthesizer, haunting vocals (sung in English, but with a heavy Italian accent), and hypnotic riffs. It's off beat in nature, but if you want dark, as darker than the word black, this recording is not to be missed. "Land Of Mystery" was ahead of its time and the holy grail of the Italian Doom Metal scene. This is the cream of the crop and if you're into Heavy Metal and Doom Metal, it would be sacrilegious to not own this album.

1. Demoniac City
2. Land Of Mystery
3. All My Evil
4. Bells Of Death
5. Blind Men And Occult Forces
6. Spectral World
7. Obscurity In The Ethereal House
8. Overture (Demo 1986)
9. Angels Of Lucifer (Demo 1986)
10. Crying Puppets (Demo 1986)
11. End Of All Times (Demo 1986)

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Found tracks

Black Hole - Demoniac City
Black Hole - Land of Mystery
Black Hole - All My Evil
Black Hole - Bells of Death
Black Hole - Blind Men and Occult Forces
Black Hole - Spectral World
Black Hole - Obscurity in the Ethereal House
Black Hole - Overture (Demo)
Black Hole - Angels of Lucifer (Demo)
Black Hole - Crying Puppets (Demo)
Black Hole - End of All Times (Demo)