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Split (sicsic078)

Split (sicsic078)
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Two sides of excellent cosmic drone jams. Mind melting and mesmerizing music to listen to while having a cold beer on your back porch and watching the daisies bloom. Suddenly Werner Herzog’s sitting next to you talking about the obscenity of the jungle. Is it the beer or the music? We don’t know, but we highly recommend to try this at home, kids!

we’re a tape label specialised in experimental music #
we love cats, tapes & leisure time #
we’re up an rolling since 2009, releasing music we personally like in small handcrafted editions. #

Found tracks

The Original Flowering Earth / Kyle Landstra - The Original Flowering Earth - Diamonds from the Sky (I - The Archons / II - Starseed Awakening / III - Diamonds from the Sky)
The Original Flowering Earth / Kyle Landstra - Kyle Landstra - Rising into the Fog / We communicated through Beams of Light