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SIDRIP Alliance

01 Commando
by Rob Hubbard (1985), arranged by Hermit
You hear this song and you instantly know
that you kill every pixel that is not you.

02 Second Reality
by Jonne Valtonen (Purple Motion) (1993), arranged by Werdy
Our track was based on kb's amazing sid version,
great work, Mr. Tammo Hindrichs.
Official music video:

03 Supremacy
by Jeroen Tel (1991), arranged by Hermit
If you need a rock tune to zap defeated alien opponents
you can stop right here.

04 Green Beret
by Martin Galway, (1986), arranged by NecroPolo
One knife against all but I complete one day
I just broke all my joysticks on the way.

05 Alliance
by Thomas E Petersen (Laxity) (1988), arranged by NecroPolo
We love this fairly unknown tune from a legendary composer.
You'd better, too. Otherwise we visit you. Night time.

06 Myth
by Jeroen Tel (1989), arranged by Werdy
Jeroen strikes back, he joined Mr. Hubbard
and added two tunes for our remix album.

07 Powerdrift
by Dave Lowe (1989), arranged by Hermit and Necropolo
This tune is perfect for running over a rabbit with your car,
NP has tested it 2x. No pixels were har(m)ed.

08 Compleeto
by Anders Antéen (ATOO) (1989), arranged by Hermit and Vincenzo
If there is a term of easy funky rocky bloodshed
then it is a perfect match. We play it on eleven.

09 Electric Jesus
by Arman Behdad (Intensity) (2006), arranged by NecroPolo
The first listening was an instant love for this cool song.
Rest in peace bro'!

10 From first to Last (Ninja)
by Anthony Lees & Ben Daglish (1987), Matt Gray (1988),
Reyn Ouwehand (1991), arranged by NecroPolo
Last Ninja is the best music collection on C64 that is not
a music collection initially. Ben always creates muisical
roller coasters, Anthony added his elegance and Matt added his
trademark heavy SID rock edge. It's Reyning great tunes when
this dutch guy touches any musical instrument.

11 Swing
by Volker Meitz (PRI) (1992), arranged by Vincenzo
One of the funniest tune ever created on our favourite old
8-bitter-batter, eh?

12 Commando Highscore
by Rob Hubbard (1985), arranged by Werdy
We played but we are dead, still we are so happy,
thank you Robb we feel right, still.

All tracks are intellectual properties
of the respective original composers

Recorded and produced by SIDRIP Alliance in 2012-2015

SPECIAL THANKS to all the original composers of our remixes!

GREETINGS TO Ancients Pledge Inc., ÁROK Party team, Avatar,,, Cargo, Charlie, Chris Abbott, Conspiracy, D-Fox, Feryx, Function Party team, Füvesi, GameCon, Gargaj, Hokuto Force, Jan Lund Thomsen, Joe, KB, Küki, LaLa, Leon, Level 64, LMan, Lucy, Lunaticats, Maugli, Morpheus, Pasy, PixelCon team, Poison, QBParty team, QXY,, Remix.Kwed.Org, Revision Party team, Romeo Knight, Samar Productions, SceneSat team, Singular Crew, Sir Garbagetruck, SLAY Radio team, Slaygon, Szilárd Matusik, SlayerCsabi, T-101, TRX, Viki, ViTi, Ziona, Ziphoid...and everyone in 8-bit, gamer and demoscene!

SID (C64 music) remixer/live performer rock band.

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SIDRIP - Commando
SIDRIP - Second Reality
SIDRIP - Supremacy
SIDRIP - Green Beret
SIDRIP - Alliance
SIDRIP - Powerdrift
SIDRIP - Compleeto
SIDRIP - Electric Jesus
SIDRIP - From First to Last (Ninja)
SIDRIP - Swing
SIDRIP - Commando High Score