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Phantom Architect

Phantom Architect
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MOJO Mag "Epic, shimmering synth-laden soundtrack to an imaginary film ".


Based around a hypnotic bass and drum groove, played on a vintage Roland TR-707 drum machine, the title is a reference to mind control experiments conducted covertly by the CIA world wide throughout the 1960’a and 1970’s, representing the role of the “Phantom Architect” in Sinclair 808’s concept album about the resurgence of a mind control program in the near future. Classic synth pop, French House and funk influences abound.

Information Enclosed:

Techno influenced, ‘Information Enclosed’ is based around an arpeggiated synth riff and classic Roland TB303 sound. The synth riffs, evolving gradually throughout the track are playing on top of a classic dance groove, parts of which sampled from Sinclair 808’s massive collection of vinyl records.

1st Movement: Deus Inversus

A reference to the Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky, Deus Inversus is filled with occult references, culminating in the reading by Madame Rosebud of several passages by famed British occultist Aleister Crowley. The music, very cinematic mixes genres such as classic, even retro electronica harking back to Jean-Michel Jarre and Giorgio Moroder, with heavy metal drumming, drum n bass and even dubstep. The main synth riff was inspired by the second movement of Beethoven’s 7th symphony.

No Exit:

A reference to Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous play, the track encroaches slightly on the experimental, mixing again grooves recorded from old records, analog synthesizers such as the Roland Juno 60, and custom software for rhythmic manipulation written in the Csound programming language, heard in the more complex percussion parts peppered throughout the track.

Detection of Malingering:

The name of the track is a direct reference to a counter intelligence manual published internally by the CIA in the 1950’s and 60’s describing interrogation methods. More rhythmic processing in Csound can be heard on the vocals, lifted from an actual phone conversation of two members of the ill fated cult of “the solar temple” who’s members were all found dead in several highly suspicious incident. The synth riff is a direct tribute to the work of director John Carpenter.

2nd Movement: Snake’s Revenge

Another direct reference to John Carpenter, “Snake’s Revenge” is a tribute to the hero of our story, a man hired to save the children of high-ranking officials from a deadly cult, but in the process uncovers a vastly more sinister plot. That of the “phantom architect”.

The track is filled with analog synthesizers and drum machines but mixes classic 80’s production techniques with much more modern sound design, inspired by trapp, dubstep and even hiphop, and a cinematic brass section. The electric guitar riff, drives the track, especially during the drum and guitar only break down of the middle section.

Flooding Darkness:

Definitely the most sinister track of the record, Flooding Darkness is a heavy industrial track in the tradition of 90’s bands such as KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails and CombiChrist, combining heavy hitting electronic drums mixed with metal drums and heavy metal guitars. The track is built around the actual recording of the last sermon of famed cult leader Jim Jones encouraging his flock to take their own lives, by drinking the now famous cool aid, and living through their final moments. A tragic recording that provided Sinclair 808 the inspiration for this dark and intense track as well as a tribute to Jones’ victims. The chorus at half tempo takes us away from industrial into dubstep territory and features another speech of Jones in which he calls his followers to arms.

Crux Aeterna:

Loosely based on a riff from J.S Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, and driven by heavy dance and electro drums, Crux Aeterna combines a symphonic orchestral arrangement with heavy drums and fast electronica riffs to create a sublime cinematic atmosphere that takes us once again into the realm of the occult, with a children chorus singing latin phrases, in a sonic celebration of a mass of a new kind.

The sound design mixes classic analog synthesizers such as the Roland Jupiter 8 along with the latest in software instruments to create a hybrid, future retro dance floor favourite among the local NYC dark and electro scenes. The drums hit hard relentlessly throughout the track, mixing in elements of French house and industrial yet again.

The name of the track itself is inspired by the Aleister Crowley’s 8 pointed cross known as the Rosy cross, later borrowed by L. Ron Hubbard for his church of scientology.

Nemone (BBC 6 Music)
Nice synths !

David Baron (Meghan Trainor, Lenny Kravitz, Gregory Colbert)

Andy Cowan (Mojo Magazine)
The album is fantastic

Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco)
Cool vibe

Ken Marshall (producer of Filth, Song For Marion, All This Mayhem)
This sounds awesome !

Ross Allen (Meltdown Music, London Grammar manager)
Yes I really liked it

Kirk Degiorgio (Beauty Room / Planet E)
Epic retro filmscore - love it !

Robin Lee (Faze Action)
Loving the electronic Italo feel with the strings. Quite huge !

Quinton Scott (Strut Records)
Should get some good synch action on this !

Jon More (Coldcut / Ninja Tune owner)
Very well made & produced

Jason Grishkoff (Indie Shuffle)
Reminds me of Nine Inch Nails x Kavinsky. Well produced rich sound

Dorian Perron (Indeflagration)
Good track with great variations

Beatforest Blog
This has Mitch Murder vibes all over it. Really nice throwback, video game soundscapes going on here

Jonathan (
I like it very much

Obscure Sound
Good electronic music production. Some cool transitions

BeatJolt (TropicalHouse4U)
Really cool vibes

Altitude Blog
Cool song

Charles (Anotherwhisky)
The beats are globally good

Paris born, NY based working with Trent Reznor as co-writer, producer and sound designer, Jean-Luc Sinclair's illustrious career also includes working with Nine Inch Nails, the multi-platinum Scissor Sisters, Rage Against The Machine and Michael Stipe from REM fame, designing sounds for successful Doom computer games series, and writing soundtracks for HBO among others.

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Sinclair 808 - Information Enclosed
Sinclair 808 - 1st Movement : Deus Inversus
Sinclair 808 - No Exit
Sinclair 808 - Crux Aeterna
Sinclair 808 - Detection Of Malingering
Sinclair 808 - Touring Jonestown
Sinclair 808 - 2nd Movement : Snake's Revenge
Sinclair 808 - Flooding Darkness
Sinclair 808 - Wheels Of Steel
Sinclair 808 - 3rd Movement : Pale White Horse