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Intention II

Intention II
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Bring awareness to who *you* truly are. You are the one that is aware of your awareness. Relax into that. There is no problem to solve, so what's left? Ah, there you are.

Intention II is a peaceful hand gently guiding you out into the sea of awareness, allowing you to discover your true nature.

Just let thoughts flow, come and go. Watch your breath as it goes in and out.

Offered as a musical companion for inner journeying sessions, Intention II is the follow-up release to *Intention.* Intention II is a love letter to yourself from yourself.

Thank you for being here.

Ambient, meditative + cinematic endeavor of award-winning sound designer, TJ Dumser. Dumser creates deeply textured, lush, and emotional sonic landscapes that allow the listener to drift away or close their eyes and exist within the theater of the mind. These cinematic soundscapes lend themselves to film, tv, and activities in which words fail to capture meaning.

Be present, be here, be well.

Found tracks

Six Missing - Awake Awareness
Six Missing - Loving Kindness
Six Missing - Peaceful One
Six Missing - Within Without
Six Missing - Intention II [Meditation Edit]