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IceExp [act I]

IceExp [act I]
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In this work, I examine the abilities of natural cycles in the synthetic sound, using analog synthesizers and manipulating sound by means of effects in real time. These are atmospheric polyrhythmically structured canvas.
I regard ice as a symbol of statics with a potential for changes as well as of a detached observation of its own movement. I intended to create a cool abstract space, where every sound is both static and dynamic simultaneously and exists on its own, alone, as in the outer space, with no connection to any other one, at its own pace, while being at the same time an integral part of the whole. Here are all these sounds, flows, and respirations merge without merging.
In this context, ice also is a sign, pointing to the need for the utmost mindfulness and concentration in all of these micro-processes, of attention that I am learning in my sound meditations and diving.

cover art by media artist Mike iV


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Snezhana Reizen - IceExp [act I]



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