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corpos de água

corpos de água
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From the waves crashing on the shore to the depths of the ocean, “corpos de água” dives into the many shapes of water as an attempt to explore life's eternal themes. Dealing with the loss of someone I loved with all my heart, I saw the fragility of life and its end imminently hovering in the horizon, forcing me to confront my own mortality. I was desperate to grasp the absurdity of our existence and understand what cannot be understood. As an atheist having a spiritual crisis, I found the healing life drive I needed through the almost religious experience of creating music, but I could not have done that alone.

Our time's spiritual realm is deeply disturbed as we cannot ignore the end of the world might be closer than ever, should it be throught climate apocalypse, nuclear war, or just the exhaustion of world’s resources as a result of late capitalism stage self destruction. In Brazil, the religious landscape seems even more troubled, as the neopentecostal lobby and its alliance with zionist propaganda try to convert the despair of our reality into a worryingly organized fascist political field which seeks to seize back every conquest our people have achieved through the years.

That’s why - despite my lack of faith -, I turned to the cultural traditions surrounding me in the search of spiritual peace. The generational knowledge gathered in the religious practices of african origins such as Umbanda and Candomblé are historically associated to the resistance to colonization in this territory. They can offer so much better soothing to the mental turmoil provoked by the Brazilian political hell than any christian bullshit fabricated to alienate us even further.

I don’t expect to find any answers for the mysteries of our existence anymore because I can now appreciate how our humanity is shaped by not knowing what makes our experience so unique, as we are eager to touch the unknown. This album is a tribute to that. To understand life is to accept death, so while this world is still here and we’re still a part of it, let us keep fighting to preserve what is so precious to us. We can still find the strength we need when we look into our surroundings and accept our place in them. Enchanted by the immensity of the ocean and the way it reflects outer space, I see the stardust buried in the sand and I understand that our bodies are made of fallen stars. When we die, they’ll decay and we’ll be part of nature again.

Everything flows into the sea.

Thank you for all the support over the years that helped me get here.


painting dreamscapes

ela dela (she/ they)

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