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The Dynamite Sisters - Volume Three Of The Red Desert Saga

The Dynamite Sisters - Volume Three Of The Red Desert Saga
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Music by Souq
Except “The Bishop & The King” by Souq & Xavier Marques
Literature by Bruno Tavares

Produced by Souq & Xavier Marques

Recorded by Xavier Marques@Casa da Lenha, except:
"The Shooting” recorded by Bruno Barreto@Warehouse
“Jiluccia” recorded by João Bonifácio@Anexo16 Studios. Additional recording by Bruno Barreto & Paulo Gravato @Fermentelos Basement
Diana Silveira recorded by Bruno Barreto@Warehouse

Mixed by Xavier Marques@Maison de La Bois de Chauffage

Mastered by Bruno Gonçalves@Eight Ball Studios


Bruno Barreto: Bass
Bruno Tavares: Vocals
Gabriel Neves: Tenor Sax
João Martins: Drums & Percussion
Jorge Loura: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Paulo Gravato: Baritone Sax, Synths & Samples
Rui Bandeira: Trombone

Diana Silveira: Vocals in “M.A.S.K.”
Xavier Marques: Piano & Additional Synths
Soraia Martins, Margarida Cardoso, Ricardo Oliveira, Ricardo Miranda, Bruno Tavares, Jorge Loura, Xavier Marques: Body Percussion in “The Bishop & The King”

Ricardo Miranda - Creative Direction & Graphic Design
Frederico Pompeu - Illustration


Família e amigos, Patrícia, Beatriz, Leonor, Soraia, Susana, Áurea, Lina e Diara. Neusa e Natacha, obrigado por ficarem de pé enquanto tentávamos não cair.
Jorge Guerra e Paz, Paulo Moreira, Leandro Silva, Nuno Barbosa, Pedro Lima, Dino da Costa, Elsa Ribeiro, João Afonso, José de Pina e Staff Teatro Aveirense, Jon Tavares, Ricardo Melo, Diana Silveira e Nastya Zh.

Souq is a portuguese rock band formed in 2009.
Picking from their rock roots, Souq embraces psychedelia, blues, pop or jazz to build a sound that is always dynamic and hard-hitting, as if Captain Beefheart was playing Dave Brubeck songs with Black Sabbath as a backing band. The first result is the concept album "At La Brava - Volume Two Of Red Desert Saga", out now.

Found tracks

Souq - The Shooting
Souq - Black Sugar
Souq - The White Angels & The Doll Squad
Souq - The Dynamite Sisters
Souq - Penglai Tower (Inferno)
Souq - Duel
Souq - The Bishop & The King
Souq - Jillucia
Souq - Dawn
Souq - Battle For La Brava
Souq - M.A.S.K.