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Slam Dunk Vol. I

Slam Dunk Vol. I
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• The Slam Dunk EP series finds NYC producer Sporting Life evolving his creative range after acclaimed work with RatKing and Wiki. 
• Inspired by Takehiko Inoue’s popular manga series, the Slam Dunk EP’s are three volumes that will encompass collaborations, instrumentals and remixes
• Funded by BitTorrents Discovery Fund

Following on from his R&S debut ’ 55 5’s, a 10 track mind-bending beat tape that bristled with promise and originality, Sporting Life AKA Eric Adiele returns to the label for a trio of EPs titled ’Slam Dunk’ due for release over the next two months. Comprised of ear-popping instrumentals, illustrious remixes / guest vox and even a range of apparel, ’Slam Dunk’ sees Adiele drawing on his love for Takehiko Inoue’s massively popular manga series of the same name, and the stupendous grace, power and agility of the storied basketball greats. The aforementioned guests are drawn from Sport’s friends and contemporaries including Actress, Dev Hynes, Wiki, Novelist, Evy Jane and Galcher Lustwerk who co-incidentally provide a fitting context as a prism within which to contextualise Adiele’s fertile day-glo fantasies.

Slam Dunk I ranges from the dark crystalline arpeggios, glacial 'verb soaked pads and strident Trap drums of ‘Space Jam Money’ that haunt and excite in equal measure, while ‘Kill That Shout’ ramps up the lysergic pressure with frenetic filter triggered vox, swirling soul samples and strutting percussive thumps. ‘Hydrate The Hustle’ finds Sport in a more meditative mood - lush swathes of hazy shoegazin' pads and yearning vocals are underpinned by tough, combustible drums. Galcher Lustwerk rounds out this stellar EP with a tripped out, euphoric house reworking of ‘Hydrate…’ peeling back the complexity for a straight jack that oozes class.

Sporting Life is without doubt one of the most original producers at work today - managing to pack in more ideas per minute than most beat makers manage in a whole career, making the promise of the further two volumes of this set to be a tantalising treat indeed.

Found tracks

Sporting Life - Hydrate The Hustle
Sporting Life - Space Jam Money
Sporting Life - Kill That Shout
Sporting Life - Hydrate The Hustle (Galcher Lustwerk Remix)