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Bogota's ATAQUE ZERO return just over two years after their debut with their second 12" EP 'Ciudades'. They are an international band with members from Venezuela, Colombia and France who formed around the Rat Trap scene which gave the world MURO, TRAMPA and ALAMBRADA among others, all of whom share members with ATAQUE ZERO.

They've stepped things up on all fronts for Ciudades and bring you five new anthems that have built on all the promises their debut EP made. The songs are passionate, angry and maybe even channelling a bit of STIFF LITTLE FINGERS as well as PELIGRO SOCIAL and LEATHERFACE this time too. Everything here is the right balance of taste and power and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.


Distributed by:
Cargo, La Vida Es Un Mus, QCHQ (UK)

Sounds Of Subterrania (EU)

Iron Lung, Ebullition, Sorry State (USA)

Found tracks

Ataque Zerø - Pesadilla
Ataque Zerø - Ciudades
Ataque Zerø - Control
Ataque Zerø - Ya No Estás
Ataque Zerø - Olvido