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Panoramica, an absolutely amazing seven track album by Cousin Silas. Pristine instrumentation and production, with all of the usual Silas delights of ambience, atmosphere, melody, and sensory awakening! Yes, this is indeed a lovely "drift" album.
The album appropriately starts out with a 31 minute track titled "The Migration Begins". Classic lush ambient with a panoramic quality.
The album overall has a panoramic feel to it. With "Cascades Of Autumn", you feel like you are floating through the vastness of a clear blue autumn sky.
"Mission Accomplished" is a gentle, melodic, synth and guitar delight! Again, the wonderful feel of atmosphere and drifting.
The title track, "Panoramica", is the still quiet of an evening sky peppered with stars and other pieces of cosmic entities.
"Above The Blue" and "Franklin Point" are a bit darker and more guitar based but filled with the same atmosphere and sound.
The album ends with "Spindrift". A perfectly played, clean electric ambient guitar piece, filled with the most lovely reverb.

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Found tracks

Cousin Silas - The Migration Begins
Cousin Silas - Above The Blue
Cousin Silas - Cascades Of Autumn
Cousin Silas - Franklin Point
Cousin Silas - Mission Accomplished
Cousin Silas - Panoramica
Cousin Silas - Spindrift