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Alright, here is my latest EP. I never know what the best strategy is in terms of releasing EP's. I know I haven't spent weeks hyping it up but as soon as I think a project is ready I want you guys to hear it as soon as possible. That does mean however that sometimes the albums don't reach as many people as they could, which is why it would be amazing if you guys could share the album if you like it. Doing everything myself in terms of making, releasing, and promoting my music is hard sometimes, so I would really appreciate any help you guys could give me.

In terms of the EP, I ask you to approach it with an open mind; as with all my releases, it consists of many different genres, and the freedom to explore different styles is what makes music so exciting for me, so I hope you guys enjoy it. On the whole the album is more upbeat than some of my other stuff, and each track has a huge amount of time invested in it, and is the result of layer upon layer slowly being built up, so take some time to really listen to the songs and pick them apart. Thank you for everything, enjoy.

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Aeternum is the new EP from FZB favorite Synthetic Epiphany. The project of UK artist/producer Marcus Levy-Chance, the six tracks showcase another set of genre spanning electronic masterpieces. Aeternum is the tenth release from Synthetic Epiphany in the last two years, showcasing a prolific ability to craft sophisticated electronic music. Ranging from dance beats to ambient landscapes, Levy-Chance continues to release must have music.
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Synthetic Epiphany - Aeternum
Synthetic Epiphany - Overtake
Synthetic Epiphany - The Catalyst
Synthetic Epiphany - Guilty
Synthetic Epiphany - Life Forever
Synthetic Epiphany - Valediction