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First single, taken from the final (as yet untitled) double album by The Cosmic Trip Advisors. Coming soon!

It's a road trip song about a small village in Scotland called Balintore (yes yes yes,we know the video footage is of Iceland...but you get the idea, right?) that Rod Mackenzie has visited every summer for over 4 decades. He stayed in a tiny white cottage with no electricity or running water. It was a calm place, off the beaten track...somewhere to escape the relentlessness of modern life. It's a song tinged with regret at leaving it behind...but filled with hope that you'll return one day. Sadly he won't be back again...the land was recently bought by a large company and his family have been evicted without recompense...which makes this all the more poignant.

The Cosmic Trip Advisors hail from West Lothian in Scotland and are a rock ā€™nā€™ roll band with a heart of soul. Rock ā€™nā€™ Soul, if you will. In their world, Iggy can rub shoulders with Keef, Dolly can pinch Jimi on the arse & Macca can launch a goober at Rotten while Gram hums his approval from underneath a dusty old's all good in the gumbo soup. Can you dig it?

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The Cosmic Trip Advisors - Balintore