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The Cat's Meow ft. Amir Yaghmai

The Cat's Meow ft. Amir Yaghmai
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Amir Yaghmai is one of the most talented musicians I know. It is always an honor to get together with him in his incredible studio and jam. Finding a groove with your production partner is one of the greatest feelings ever and moments like this always remind me how writing music is indeed a spiritual practice. 

Back in 2019 Amir and I were playing a lot of Indonesian records on his Hi-Fi system and “The Cat’s Meow” came out of this special listening session. The 3 part harmonies used by musicians like Yanti Bersaudara had the goosebumps bumping and the next thing you know this song was born. We hope that it eases the tension in your hearts as it does in ours. 

From the team that brought you Nissim, we wish you peace and love.CUSS Records Captain, Airplane Mode Creator / Curator, Low End Theory Co-Founder and Brainfeeder Co-Founder. Los Angeles / San Diego.

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The Gaslamp Killer - The Cat's Meow ft. Amir Yaghmai



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