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Tales To Be Told

Tales To Be Told
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A collection of those smaller tales that the Mechanisms have been known to tell. Some of these are rarities you'll never hear unless you buy the Mechs a round. Some are works in progress that will sometime find their way elsewhere. Some are secrets... Enjoy.

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Update (June 2020) - we've removed The Ballad of Lil Lemon from this album. For a more detailed explanation of our reasons for doing so, see our update here:

The Mechanisms: a band of immortal space pirates roaming the universe in the starship Aurora. Some say they’re from a steampunk future, others claim they’re from a cyberpunk past, a few even whisper that they may be from a dieselpunk alternate now. They are all correct.

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Found tracks

The Mechanisms - One Eyed Jacks
The Mechanisms - Iphis
The Mechanisms - Prometheus
The Mechanisms - Redeath
The Mechanisms - The Ignominious Demise of Dr. Pilchard
The Mechanisms - Gunpowder Tim vs. The Moon Kaiser
The Mechanisms - Pellinore and the Beast